Harwell Village | Didcot | South Oxfordshire


Modern Upholstery

Modern upholstery techniques are equally as good as traditional ones. In modern upholstery spring units or zig-zag springs are used in place of individual coil springs for the seat. Thick layers of synthetic foams, wadding, and felt are then stapled in place to give durability and comfort to the finished peice. The overall finish and comfort feel are then as good as new.

Traditional Upholstery

Traditional upholstery uses time-honored traditional methods and materials to make a comfortable, long lasting piece of furniture. Time and skill is required when crafting by hand, traditional upholstery uses materials that must be stitched and stuffed into shape and held in place with materials such as, webbing, springs, tacks, hessian, twines, coir fiber, horse hair, cotton felt and calico.


I can repair furniture, for example fixing broken springs, replacing webbing, foam and repairing damaged legs